MapleLabs Baremetal Management suite provides an integrated workflow to bootstrap server infrastructure and easily integrate infrastructure into existing DevOps solutions for application bring-up, infrastructure discovery and usage analysis. Solution is targeted to either an IT Administrator who is managing a larger data center environment or a DevOps user who wants to bring-up servers to integrate with Hadoop or Kubernetes provisioning solutions.


Baremetal Management
  • The suite helps manage the following elements of the server lifecycle:
    • Define server inventory
    • Discover the state of the current inventory
    • Manage BIOS versions
    • Provision OS, post bring-up configurations, applications & packages
    • Discover state of the servers, configurations and installed packages
  • API driven services framework to enable integration with other enterprise workflows
  • OS supported: RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu, CoreOS, ESX
  • BIOS discovery and refresh
  • Ability to describe multiple recipes to specify different NIC or disk configurations
  • Ansible or SALT provisioning to bootstrap application provisioning
  • Integrated monitoring suite for metrics and log monitoring
  • Integrated solutions for usage analysis of the data center
  • Support for bulk provisioning, tracking across provisioning stages and failure handling